Gabriele d’Annunzio celebrates with nostalgic verses Abruzzian shepherds, walking along the roads towards the planes: the “tratturi” (sheep-tracks). These large tracks were scoured by the herds during their spring and fall migrations.

In the Abruzzian inlands, permanent pastures and territories dedicated to grow fodder were rare. The impossibility of stocking large quantities of dry fodder and the high costs of importing it, forced the practice of transhumance.

Vast flocks descended the mountain slopes or crossed the majestic mountain plateaux surrounded by numerous packs of sheepdogs. Set on the highlands, clinging to the bare rock, dry stone refuges served to store fodder and shelter both shepherds and animals. Sometimes, these shelters could have been quite high, having a second floor and were surrounded by roughly built closes were the flocks were gathered during the night.


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