FROM FATHER TO SON The Rete 4 on December 4,

"Father to son," Edward tells Raspelli

The modern shepherds of Abruzzo

Sunday, December 4, 2011 THE SHEEP-TRACK of the Dairy Cepagatti and Lazzarini shepherd family will be guests of the program with Edward Melaverde Raspelli. The episode, which airs from 12 pm on Channel 4, was shot last October between the cheese factory is located in the countryside of Cepagatti and neighboring pastures.
The journalist and food critic Edward Raspelli tell the story of the Lazzarini family, pastors from three generations, from father to son, which has preserved some practices such as transhumance. Following the shoot with some flocks just got back from the mountain summer, Melaverde show how the practice of transhumance takes place vertically, and from the coast through grazing permits wandering through residential areas, which over the years has replaced the horizontal by mountains of Abruzzo to Apulia along the old streets tratturali.

Filming will take viewers inside the dairy to watch the production of fresh milk from which arise the yarn and mozzarella cheese from sheep, very special products or widespread, the result of a completely manual process and thus practiced by a few dairies .

The visit Raspelli and his crew, after the curing room, concludes with a table laden with local produce in front of which the protagonists find themselves in this episode dedicated to the history of a family that continues to believe and invest in 'old profession of herding.



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