Increasingly indispensable event for amateurs and professionals in the dairy sector, "Franciacorta in White" is about to celebrate its sixteenth edition.

Born in 1996 in fact to enhance the milk produced by farmers Brescia, "Franciacorta Bianco" has gradually developed, becoming, according to the authoritative opinion of President Corrado Barberis dell'INSOR (National Institute of Rural Sociology), the most authoritative review of the dairy country.

A hundred exhibitors, four types of cheeses, exceptional quality and refinement will accompany guests on an ideal travel between outlying pastures, associations for the protection of the most prestigious cheese, major companies and small cheese makers, to discover the authentic flavors and genuine our culinary tradition.

Visiting the fair is also an opportunity to meet with the beautiful land of Franciacorta, famous worldwide for the "bubbles", but also for the sweet landscapes, rich in art treasures, villas, castles and monasteries which deserve a nice weekend early autumn.



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