"September, let's go. It is time to migrate. Now in the land of the Abruzzi my shepherds lascian vann the pens and the sea ... ". Gabriele D'Annunzio was a spectator of the steps of the flocks from the mountains to the plains and the sea, and in his cross-Pescara has the look of our grandparents and great grandparents.

Our flocks are part of the few left to follow the seasons in Abruzzo and the paths of transhumance: why the power of our animals reflects every standard of quality and transparency, which gives us an excellent quality of meat and milk.

5 generations from the farm Lazzarini does his farming a reason for pride.
Our pets have always done the job with great passion and dedication, although at times there were several difficulties that have forced us to make significant decisions. In fact, after World War II, the then owner of the company Francesco Lazzarini, after disposal of the tracks, which allowed the movement of flocks from Abruzzo to Puglia, and because of slow economic recovery, he was forced to sell the company and change jobs. He moved to Rome in the fifties and began working as a carpenter. But soon he had to retrace their steps. In fact, after having changed jobs five times the company decided to reform, despite the decision to force him into a risky investment for that period. Only passion and love for their work accompanied by the spirit of a united family have permission to lay the foundations for what today is a true artisan family farm. In fact, after the marriage of his son Anthony with Carla, the latter has fully embraced the traditions of the Lazzarini family with patience and dedication devoted to learning the difficult "art of cheese-maker", that only those driven by love for his family and his traditions can not make the most affected by the hard work and sacrifices that often this job requires.

Although in recent years the bureaucracy has repeatedly tried to stop us we were able to maintain the "purity" of all time. In fact, despite the abolition of the tracks, still practicing transhumance we move into the summer in the mountains of L'Aquila Roccaraso to return later in the provinces of Chieti and Pescara during the winter.

In 2008, one arrives at a new turning point with the advent of the crisis, the economy of our industry has suffered serious damage with the result that many companies like ours have had no choice but to close, love Instead our work led us to change the method of management, so we opened a dairy in Cepagatti with adjoining butcher: THE SHEEP-TRACK. A new structure that meets the latest standards of hygiene and packaging, according to current and stringent health standards. All this without forgetting the use and customs of this ancient work, as once again played today makes us the only evidence of the pastoral tradition of Abruzzo.


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