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Our meat comes exclusively from our own farms. The breed of our sheep is the Apennine / Merinizzata, native to our region forever. Our animals are fed exclusively pasture (from June to November and the mountain valley during the rest of the year) with the exception of the period of weaning of lambs during the winter season, during which time the animals are fed in the barn with grain cereal and hay of excellent quality products at the company.
In addition to the normal routine veterinary checks required, our company has implemented a system of self-control with further periodic examinations and treatments of animals in order to ensure the highest quality product.

All items are recorded with ear tags and slaughtered at the abattoir in Pianella (CEE 1183/MCE N. IT).

The supply capacity of our company is about 40 units / week (average)

Characteristics of leaders provided as requested:
Whole lambs slaughtered from 10 to 12 kg / head (including head and liver)
Whole lambs slaughtered from 12 to 15 kg / head (including head and liver)

Great to do with grilled or baked. They match well even when used to flavor sauces.



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